How I Teach Violin


In teaching violin I use different approaches depending on the needs of the student. For some students, I use primarily Suzuki method. The Suzuki method emphasizes ear training, facility with the instrument, and individual performance. For other students, I emphasize reading music and ensemble performance. And for others I use a mixture of the two. For all students, I emphasize good body mechanics and active listening.

Students have individual styles in the way they learn. Some students are very self-directed while others prefer lots of direction. Some students enjoy routine while others like variety. Some students are visual learners while others may be auditory or kinesthetic learners. I adjust my teaching style to best mesh with the student’s individual learning style.

For young students, the parent, the student, and I work as a team. One day a week, at the lesson, I teach the student and the parent what to practice and how to practice it. The other six days of the week the parent assists the student in practicing correctly. Older students will assume the roles of both student and “parent.”

Beginning and intermediate students will have a half-hour lesson every week. It is important that they get regular feedback and direction. Advanced students may need an hour lesson every week. Very young students (4 or 5 year olds) will practice only 5 or 10 minutes per day. Older students will usually practice 20 to 30 minutes a day while advanced students will want to practice an hour or more every day.

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